Kafui Brigitte ADJAMAGBO-JOHNSON 2010 Presidential Candidate in Togo

 Born on 26th December 1958 in Bassar Togo, Kafui Brigitte Adjamagbo -Johnson is late Cornélie and late Dr. Paul Adjamagbo’s daughter. She holds a PhD in law. Her political career started in October 1990, with the Democratic Convention of African Peoples (CDPA) as a founding member. Kafui Brigitte Adjamagbo –Johnson was until 8th January, 2010 Coordinator of Women in Law and Development in Africa (WILDAF) Sub-Regional Office for West Africa. She is now a Presidential candidate in Togo. Elections are expected to be held on the 04th March 2010.

 Kafui Brigitte Adjamagbo -Johnson holds a PhD in Compared Law and Foreign Law from the Université Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris (France).  She worked as a lecturer at National School of Administration) and at the Université du Bénin (Lomé). From 1989, she worked as Programme Manager at the Scientific Research Directorate. The same year, she worked as a World Bank Consultant for a study on the integration of women in the development processes in Togo. Later on, she carried out some ten other missions for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the International Committee for Jurists, the United Nations Fund for Population (UNFPA) and the European Union.

 In 1991, Kafui Brigitte Adjamagbo -Johnson was elected Rapporteur General of the Provisory Bureau of the National Sovereign Conference, from which she inherited the Special name “the President asks me to Say”. She shortly worked as a Member of the Haut Conseil (HCR) (Parliament) of the Republic before being appointed Minister for Social welfare, Human Rights and National Solidarity in the first Transition Government of Togo. Known for her straight talk and firm positions regarding democracy and human rights, she was no more a member of the new government after the Prime Minister’s office was attacked in December 1992.

 Supporter of the Tchekpo slogan “Democracy first, multiparty later”, she went on with her fight for a standing Togo, fighting without flinching, not only within her political party, CDPA, but also in civil society, particularly in the Collectif des Associations féminines (CAF) (Gathering of women’s Associations). Her tenacity will flinch at nothing: neither by the numerous attacks on the democratic process by an ultra conservative regime which then devoted itself to erasing the gains of the popular combat, nor by the turpitudes of an opposition failed to take full advantage of available opportunities for putting an end to an archaic political system which the Togolese people no more accepted.

 Kafui Brigitte Adjamagbo -Johnson has decided to rise up to the occasion and contest for the Presidency in Togo. She believes the time is right for Togo to experience a different form of leadership. Her election as the President of the Republic of Togo is what her country needs most at this time. When elected to office, Kafui Brigitte Adjamagbo -Johnson will become Africa’s second female President. FEMNET is calling on all African women on the continent and the diasporas to support Kafui Brigitte Adjamagbo –Johnson. New Leadership will bring renewed hope for the people of Togo.

 For more Information about Mrs. Kafui Brigitte Adjamagbo -Johnson or if you want to send your message of goodwill and support please email: to: adjakafui@yahoo.fr info@adjamagbo2010.com  / cdpatogo@hotmail.com  and Definitely Visit her website: adjamagbo2010.com

TEL: + 228 917 52 45/ + 228 904 34 80/ + 228 935 87 25


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